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We create excellence within our region by uniting cultures.

Our programs leverage the expertise and resources of the International Institute of St. Louis, which has been welcoming immigrants and refugees to our region for over one hundred years. Browse our offerings below, and check back often as we add new programs and opportunities!

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This training is an introduction to understanding the many definitions and domains of culture, and how to practice inter-cultural communication. We provide information that can be utilized when navigating many types of cross-cultural situations. This training can be helpful for those new to the cultural competency practice, or those who are interested in expanding their knowledge. This session is extremely useful in helping people identify their own cultural norms and navigate cross-cultural relationships. This training can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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In this highly participatory learning experience participants work to improve their skills and strategies for multicultural collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Eight to fifty participants form three groups and create their own cultures. Participants begin to work in their monocultural groups, then mix groups to continue the task multiculturally. The simulation and debriefing require a minimum of two hours. The debriefing includes the highly effective method of process mapping.  

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Translation of written documents to or from English.

Starting at $70/document or $0.20/word

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Hire an interpreter to assist in conversations between languages.

Phone interpretation: $1.80/minute

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